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The skin is the body's largest organ and acts as a barrier to protect the internal organs from environmental damage. When this barrier is disrupted a wound is created. The skin's natural reaction is to activate the body's repair mechanism, which can sometimes be slow and may result in scarring.

Youki - Wound Spray offers an alternative approach to wound management, without the need for a dressing. Easy to use, Youki is suitable for use on superficial, everyday wounds including cuts, grazes, lacerations, abrasions and even minor burns. Individuals suffering from ulcers have also benefited by using Youki.

Instant spraying with Youki will help to ease the pain almost immediately and to minimise the risk of scarring. Once the wound has closed, the skin can benefit further by using Youki - Skin Repair Cream.

In cases of complicated wounds - deep muscle tissue, skeletal or inner organs, as well as wounds caused by animal bites, it is important to seek immediate medical advice. (Youki is for external use only).

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Youki - Wound Spray  30ml                   £25.00
Youki - Wound Spray  100ml                 £55.00
Youki - Skin Repair Cream                     £27.00

Youki Wound Spray and Skin Repair Cream are available in some pharmacies and health food stores.

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